San Antonio’s “Top Places to Work 2019”

San Antonios top places to work 2019

Being part of a closely connected small business, we at San Antonio Smart Solutions, are overjoyed at the news, of being elected one of San Antonio Business Journal’s “Top Places to Work,” by our employees, for 2019.

With 30 questions, in numerous categories, such as opportunity, transparency, and work life integration, San Antonio Smart Solutions, is one of the leaders in San Antonio, in the Small Business category.

Quantum Workplace seeks to understand the core of each company surveyed, as well as the hopes, needs, and expectations of employees, and how readily they are fulfilled.

The innovative and supportive office culture, trust in leadership, and career advancement, brought by CEO Andrew Berteaux, and the leadership team, is felt by his employees: Seeing each individual’s strengths, he is able to build, and promote, entirely from within, never having lost a quarter, and never having laid anyone off.

San Antonio Smart Solutions continues to double in size, year after year.

This speaks to the company culture, and emphasis on advancement: Offering relaxing and luxury filled trips, bonuses for accomplishment, and friendly competition to encourage growth, San Antonio Smart Solutions invests in every aspect of career advancement, both in work, and in leisure.

Satisfying restaurant dinners, with the team, are a frequent occurrence, giving opportunity for networking, and camaraderie, within the company, as well as, a delicious meal.

All of this, has combined to ensure the success of the team.

“We have completed over 250 retrofit projects,” says CEO Andrew Berteaux, “as part of a CPS Program, that has paid out over 15 million dollars in rebates, since 2017. We are grateful to our employees, and customers, for making a huge impact on the community, and the environment.”

In terms of energy, we have been part of the 126,733,319 kWh, that were saved since January 2017, a significant impact.

If you would like the opportunity, to become part of this fast-growing, influential,  and technologically-forward team, apply at .

We look forward to meeting all the winners of San Antonio Business Journal’s, “Top Places to Work,” at Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch, on July 18, 2019.

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