LED Lighting

We provide energy-efficient lighting to help save businesses money and help save the city energy.

Why LEDs?

80% More Efficient

over other lights such as fluorescent and incandescent.

95% Energy Converted Into Light

only 5% of the energy is wasted as heat.

Uses 75% Less Energy
Lasts 25x Longer
Only 5% Emitted Heat

Competitors emit around 70-80% of their energy as heat.

No UV Light

UV lights attract bugs.

50,000 Hours

Used at 70% of their original power.

1 LED = 3 Fluorescent

It takes 3 fluorescent lightbulbs to match the energy output of 1 LED bulb.

No Mercury

Making the Switch

Switching over to LED lighting not only saves the city on energy but will also cut the cost of your business’ bill up to 50%. When you make the switch to LED lighting, you will receive a 5 year warranty as well as 5 years of maintenance from our electricians.

FREE Consultations

Our Smart Solutions’ auditors will perform a no-cost assessment of your facility to identify energy-saving opportunities and give you an estimate on potential savings, project costs and payback periods.

Professional Installations

Our Smart Solutions’ professional installation team will do installations of energy-saving equipment for your business. 

A Typical Project Scenario

Typical projects could include everything from LED lighting upgrades and occupancy sensors to anti-sweat heater controls on refrigerator doors. This small office building’s lighting retrofit demonstrates the program’s potential value, though results can vary.

Ready to make the switch?

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