Alleviating Food Insecurity

San Antonio ranks second in the nation, in food insecurity among the elderly: A shocking statistic, considering all the new growth, and development, in our beautiful city.

Food insecurity can have long-term and dangerous affects, on the youth, and the elderly especially, when seniors have to choose between medications and meals, and students can’t focus on the learning tasks at hand. Food is essential to function. And a positive and healthy future requires alleviation of this stress.

Starting in October, the San Antonio Smart Solutions team, sought to fill a canister for the San Antonio Food Bank! Little by little, the can was filled with essentials, and treats, for those struggling with food insecurity this holiday season.

As each of the team perused the aisles of H-E-B, we were happy to add an extra bag to our carts, to help those in need.

Food insecurity comes and goes for most families: It could be due to a car maintenance issue, or medical emergency; and it is essential for the food bank to meet their needs, as many times, these families, don’t qualify for SNAP, or other benefits, and have nowhere else to turn, but the San Antonio Food Bank.

The San Antonio Food Bank specializes in both acute and chronic food needs. They provide everything from nutritional classes to emergency food distribution.

Founded in 1980, and providing assistance to 58,000 individuals a week, as well as job assistance, we couldn’t wait to spend the Thanksgiving season, filling our canister! And fill it we did! Our administrator, Aubrey, took the time to organize our overflowing efforts, to a photo finish; and we took the collection to the San Antonio Food Bank, and watched as staff filled the shelves.

Witnessing the generosity of our team at San Antonio Smart Solutions, has given new joy, and focus to this year’s 4th Quarter. And we look forward to helping the community, in the year to come.

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